Language variation in context

Demonstrate how students will use language to build relationships and participate in their community throughout their life with this short warm up activity.

Students will explore the concept of workplace communication, and see how language conventions will help them belong within an industry. The slides, video and activity can be used as an introduction to your lesson, or separated and used through the module.

Discover & Discuss

This unit is designed so that you can have a short, engaging conversation with your students about how this topic relates to life-after-school. 

Encourage students to relate the content to their own lives and plans, and give students space to explore their ideas and identify any questions they may have which require further investigation. 

We recommend that you use the Presentation Slides in class (online or face-to-face); you’ll start by introducing the topic, then watch a short video, and finally you’ll find slides with discussion prompts. There are also Teacher Notes on each slide that give you the background you need, as well as prompts and suggestions for the conversation.

  1. Download the slides and check that they will work on your device – you may need to ‘Enable Content’ if there is a security warning
  2. Present the slides to your cohort online or in-person using our provided notes and your own additions
  3. On slide three, give students time to reflect and discuss the topic of the week

You will need between 5 and 15 minutes to deliver the content on the slides, depending on the length of time you take for your group conversation.

If short on time, you can choose to only show the video, or use the slides but leave the question on the final slide as a self-reflection activity for students to consider in their own time.

You will need access to the internet to view the video and share the slides. All of the links you need are below – just click on the buttons to download to your device. 


These activities complement the Discover & Discussion resource above, and we recommend they are used after students have had the chance to explore the topic. 

You can also use these activities as stand-alone activities throughout your unit, as icebreakers at the start of class, or as extension work where appropriate. 

You can use as many of these activities as you like, or none at all – it’s up to you and what is right for your students. 

  1. Download the resources you need and check that they will work on your device
  2. Insert the activities into a lesson, or set them as optional extension tasks

You will need access to a printer if you intend on printing any worksheets, otherwise you may upload the activities into your lesson plans or lesson management system in digital format. 

Curriculum Alignment
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